Surveillance investigation services

Don’t rely on hearsay. We have lots of surveillance services designed to suit your needs
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Superior surveillance solutions

Information uncovered by our covert surveillance teams provides proof when you need it most.
Whether it’s required for a legal proceeding or to settle a simpler dispute, our covert surveillance services can help you to prove your case by uncovering invaluable evidence.  
We combine the latest technologies with our supreme know-how to deliver superior surveillance services.  Completely discreet. Always reliable and 100% legal.
When we finish our work, we’ll send you a report via your preferred contact method at a time that works best for you.
We always aim to send to you the report within 24 hours of an observation period ending. This will include HD imagery and – at your request – footage that’s stamped with a time and date.
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7 Operations - Cheating Mobile image.

Partner and matrimonial surveillance

There is nothing worse than not being able to trust your partner. Some of the danger signs include:

  • Working late
  • Overprotective over their phone
  • Mood-swings and a short temper
  • Ignoring messages and letting your calls go unanswered
  • No sex drive (suddenly)
  • Losing interest and becoming distant
  • Changing their appearance

At 7 Operations, we can help you find the answers you need. We’ll pay the utmost respect to your relationship and handle the case with complete sensitivity and discretion.

We tailor our services to meet your needs. Having seen it all before, our surveillance investigators are friendly and non-judgemental. You can trust them to provide accurate information that’ll either strengthen your relationship or confirm your suspicions.

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Mobile surveillance

Do you need to know where somebody is and what they're doing? Then our mobile surveillance services may be just what you are looking for.

Our private investigators can uncover information that’s invaluable in proving criminal activity and building a strong legal case.

Our mobile operatives will use vehicles to stay close to the subject, which can be highly beneficial in big cities where traffic can be a problem.

Usually, we’ll deploy two investigators to employ clever tactics and ensure we don’t lose the person in question. However, if you’re working to a tighter budget, we can assign a one-person team to reduce costs.

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Foot surveillance

Our surveillance investigators don’t just sit inside their vehicles and behind static cameras. They’re well-trained at blending into plain sight.

With your consent, we can potentially get closer to the subject, listening in on phone calls and conversations.

This covert surveillance service works wonders in large, busy cities, where other surveillance techniques are not suited so well.  

If we know that the subject isn’t going to drive, we'll use foot surveillance to gather the required information.

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Static surveillance

If you’d like your house or private property kept under surveillance, this is the service for you.

Of course, there are many reasons why you may want to do so. Perhaps you want to prove co-habiting or anti-social behaviour. Whatever your motivation, our static surveillance service is here to help.

Our personal investigators can either be deployed in a nearby surveillance vehicle or on the property itself.

Just let us know your needs and we will use our experience, knowledge and skill to adapt our service to provide the ideal solution for you.

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Technical surveillance

If you’re looking for an unmanned surveillance service, this is the option for you.

While technical surveillance comes in all shapes and sizes, every solution here utilises different types of equipment that can be controlled remotely – including:

  • Covert static cameras – perfect for catching fly-tippers.
  • Covert microphones – placed in out of reach areas to capture key dialogue.
  • GPS trackers – an inexpensive way to track the whereabouts of a person/vehicle every day.

Such surveillance systems can be useful in gaining images and footage over a prolonged period or in hard-to-reach rural areas. We can leave these devices for weeks or months at a time.

Whatever your problem, we’re masters of innovation and know lots more technical surveillance techniques to deliver the right results for you. Get in touch to find out more.

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7 Operations - Stalking image7 Operations - Counter Surveillance

Counter surveillance

Is something not quite right? Do you feel like you’re under some sort of surveillance? Our private investigators will help you get to the bottom of the problem.

Skilled in counter-surveillance, our two-man team will use expert tactics – like bug sweeps – to confirm whether you’re the subject of a surveillance operation.

These concerns can be distressing and intimidating. We’re here to give you some friendly, honest guidance.

If you’re being followed, we’ll follow up with free expert advice and introduce you to some new counter-surveillance techniques that’ll make your world a whole lot safer.

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CROP surveillance

Rural crime is on the rise. Hardworking individuals and businesses are struggling to deal with the fallout.

Standing for Covert Rural Observation Post, CROP surveillance is the ideal service for getting to grips with this growing problem and other illegal activity, such as:

  • Fly-tipping
  • Fuel theft
  • Illegal burning sites

Our investigators are specialists in reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence gathering.

With dedicated training in rural environments, our surveillance investigators will work with you to develop a CROP surveillance strategy that'll deliver the best possible results.

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Insurance fraud investigations

Insurance fraud is becoming an increasingly large stain on our society. No matter how much you strengthen your systems, fraudsters will often find new loopholes to exploit.

Using the latest in covert technologies, our private investigators go undetected, collecting clear and steady footage to help build your case.

With high-definition quality and time stamps, you can rest assured that all our recordings will be completely admissible in court.

In every case, we’ll send you all footage of your suspected fraudster, along with a timeline report and surveillance logs that fully explain our findings.

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