Private investigation FAQs

Hiring a private investigator is a big decision. Our FAQs will help to ease your mind
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Frequently asked questions

Hiring the right private investigator can provide life-changing results, both for individuals and large corporations.

What does a private investigator do?

Private investigators are detectives working on a freelance basis, helping to solve cases for individuals, large corporations and everything in between.

A good UK-based private investigator will usually have a strong policing and military background, with extra qualifications from the Association of British investigators to boot.

With all this experience, an operative will thoroughly research, assess and gather the information that's related to your case. This is what good private investigators do.  

The collected information can be incredibly powerful in uncovering evidence and providing you with peace of mind.  

What is the difference between a private investigator and a private detective?

There are a lot of different names floating about from private investigators to professional investigators, private detectives to private eyes. The truth is, there is no real difference between any of them. In many cases, the terms are used interchangeably.

Which private inspector services are legal?

We do sometimes get asked to do illegal things. But we’ll always stick to the law.

Here are a few common examples and whether they’re lawful or not:

Finding who owns a specific car
We can only use registration plate details to find out who owns a vehicle if the request meets specific criteria. This is set by the DVLA. Please contact us for more information.

Searching criminal Records
It’s perfectly legal to perform criminal records checks if you have the permission of the subject in question.

Using spy cameras
Yes, we have performed this service numerous times in the past. Although, once again, it does come with certain legal considerations. With that being said, there are many things that we can do. For example, we can perform this service if you own the building that the camera is being installed in – whether that’s a house, office or garage. We can also install covert static cameras if it’s in a public area.

Hacking into phones or computers
Many private clients have requested this in the past, despite being illegal. To carry out this would equate to a breach of the Data Protection Act.

Providing bank statements
This would be another breach of the Data Protection Act and isn't something we can legally perform.

How will a private investigator store my information?

A trustworthy, UK-based private investigator will stick to GDPR guidelines. This means that all your data will NEVER be shared with third parties without your explicit permission.

Compliance is critical here at 7 Operations. It’s part of our ethos: “Discreet. Reliable. Compliant. Transparent.”You can sleep easy knowing that your data will be kept safely and securely.

It’s also good to remember that we will, upon request, remove your data from our systems. Get the results, seize the rewards and you can move on as though the whole thing never happened.

How do I find a corporate investigator near me?

If you’re based in the UK and are seeking corporate investigation services, then look no further. Contact us and we will be there for you.

Our experienced, skilled and highly knowledgeable corporate investigators are available for hire right across the country.

Can I become a private investigator?

The first step for any UK-based private investigation enthusiast is to sign-up for a course that is accredited by The Association of British Investigators.

Those who tend to do well in the courses have a strong military and policing background.

How much does a private investigator cost?

Many people hesitate to hire some help after simply considering; how much is a private investigator?

Yet, there may well be an option out there that works well for you.

Like everything, different companies charge different rates. Typically, private investigator services will charge by the hour. They’ll also have a minimum number of hours that you can book. This will usually be somewhere around four to six hours.

At 7 Operations, we have a standard rate that we charge. However, if you are working with a strict budget, then we can plan our services with this in mind.

Just be careful. Some personal investigators will try to sneak in extra charges, such as fuel costs and expenses. Before we start any work, we’ll agree on a price and stick to it.

Is it legal to hire a private investigator?

It’s absolutely legal to hire a private investigator. However, we do have to obey the law like everybody else.

You must select a private investigator that knows the law and can guarantee compliance.

Some of these laws rule out several investigative methods, such as wiretapping or searching bank records.  

Many clients of unaware of these laws, causing them to have unrealistic expectations. But by partnering with a good private investigation service – like 7 Operations – we’ll manage your expectations as best as we can. We’ll always be realistic with anyone who looks to hire a private investigator and work legally and ethically.

How will I keep in contact with a private investigator?

You should be able to choose how you stay in touch with your private investigator.

At 7 Operations, our clients can choose to contact us via phone, email or WhatsApp. We will also stick to your preference whenever we reach out to you.

In fact, you can even let us know which hours of the day you would like us to contact you. Rest assured, we will stick to that time frame.

How will I know the private investigator will be there?

Transparency for our clients is central to everything that we do.

At 7 Operations, we understand that it’s not enough for our investigators to confirm the start and end times of an observation period with you.

So, we’ll provide footage that’s stamped with the date and time. Furthermore, we’ll aim to provide photographic evidence to maintain our reputation as a reliable service provider.  

What is a corporate investigator?

A corporate investigator is a detective who delves into corporate policy to solve cases related to fraud and misconduct.

These investigators are hired by companies to investigate all types of allegations.

Some cases will be internal – such as accounting irregularities, information leaks and employee transgressions. While others will go beyond business confines and delve into suspected fraudulent actions from suppliers and customers.    

This is big-league stuff. You’ll need to work with a knowledgeable, experienced corporate investigation service – like 7 Operations – who will help you to navigate all the potential pitfalls and achieve the right results.  

How accurate is a polygraph test?

Research generally suggests that polygraph tests, otherwise known as lie detectors, are 80-90% accurate. However, more accurate results can be achieved when a fully qualified instructor is present and a modern, sophisticated device is used.

A good lie detector will measure and record several physiological indicators – including blood pressure, heart rate, respiration and even skin conductivity.