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Corporate business is a busy world. Unfortunately, with everything that’s going on, underhand internal and external activities are rife.
Yet, many corporations fail to find the help they need, as many private investigators stick to simple forms of covert surveillance.
These investigators don’t have the skill, experience and know-how that’s required. Fortunately, we do.
Our expansive range of corporate investigation services leads the industry, providing invaluable information that will help to solve some of your company’s greatest mysteries.  
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Employee absence

Issues related to employee absence can be a real headache for you. With our help, we can deliver a crystal-clear perspective on issues related to:

  • Employees claiming to be sick or ill
  • Employees reporting that they’re being bullied
  • Employees working elsewhere
  • Employees setting up their own business

These are just a few of the cases that are becoming increasingly familiar to those of us in corporate investigative services.

Whether you suspect false or exaggerated claims or any of the other issues listed above, our team is ready to step in and save the day.

To receive free, no-obligation advice, get in touch with our honest professional corporate investigators today.

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Employee theft investigations

Sometimes your staff might steal, use or misuse company property without permission. Before you lose any more money, time and resource, now is the time to act.

To gather the best possible evidence, we can install covert cameras, set up an observation post or buy back stolen goods by posing as a member of the public – a tactic also known as “test purchasing”.

Whatever your needs, we’ll find the right solution for you.

Simply get in touch with our friendly team, who will be happy to discuss and deliver your ideal, tailor-made plan.  

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