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Why trusting our private investigation company makes sense
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Our background

7 Operations is the go-to place for people and employers across the UK who are looking for honest, highly skilled and trustworthy private investigators.
Whether you’re worried about a cheating partner, employee absence or potential stalkers, our surveillance experts can help to ease your concerns with 100% confidential, legal and affordable solutions.
The business was founded by a former British Army surveillance expert in 2019. Over the years, he’s worked in hostile environments around the world – gathering information and tracking dangerous targets.
With these qualifications to hand, he has built a strong, reliable reputation in the world of surveillance, eventually taking the plunge and launching 7 Operations – his own, next-level investigation company.
By hiring like-minded, highly experienced colleagues and implementing smooth operating procedures, 7 Operations is going from strength to strength.
However, after becoming a leader in his field, he left the military in 2016 and completed the Level 4 Award in Covert Surveillance and the Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators with The Surveillance Group in Worcester.

Our staff

Based across the UK, our private investigators can be deployed across almost every part of the country. Even with short notice, they will be there for you. However, to achieve this great reach, we haven’t just employed anyone.
Nowadays, anyone can pick up a camera and call themselves an investigator. But that won’t serve you well in court or guarantee you the answers you need. At 7 Operations, professionalism is incredibly important to us.
We make sure that all our private investigators meet our strict criteria before working with us.
This includes:
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Having an impressive background in the military or police
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Being regularly DBS checked
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Registering with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office)
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Being fully insured – including public liability and professional indemnity insurances
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Attaining a minimum of a Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators
We also ensure that our investigators are equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and are specially trained to use them.
All this means that our expert team can achieve the best possible results for you.
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Our ethos


Deciding to hire a private detective is not an easy decision. Unless you work with a real professional, there’s always a risk that someone may find out.

However, when you work with us, this won’t be an issue. We understand the sensitivity of every case and we know how to solve them proficiently.

You can feel safe and secure knowing that ALL communications with our team are 100% confidential and discreet.

We go above and beyond to make sure this is the case. No exceptions.

Just let us know when you would like us to get in touch and your preferred method of contact – whether that’s via the phone, email or WhatsApp.

You can trust us to stick to your stipulations.


By hiring one of our private investigators, you’ll be choosing the most reliable professional possible.

For us, it’s essential to build trustworthy relationships with our clients. This has been the cornerstone of our success.  

You need to know we are going to be there when we say we are.

Our private investigators will confirm when they have started and finished an observation period with you. They will also provide footage that’s stamped with the date and time.

You’ll know exactly what happened and when.

Reliability is not just a word for us, it’s a mantra. We’ll keep you up to date throughout every step of our investigatory services.

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Whether you are looking for a personal, corporate or surveillance investigator, you need assurance that the methods being use dare 100% lawful and compliant.

At 7 Operations, we know the law and stick to it. Every investigator knows exactly what they can and can’t do.

If a case ever goes to court, the evidence that our team has captured will be completely admissible and proportional to the case. Panic over.


Honesty is at the heart of everything that we do.

We like to be completely transparent with our clients, in each area of every investigation. We will ensure that you are given realistic expectations right from the get-go.

If we feel that your expectations are unattainable, we’ll always let you know at the start and will collectively work towards an alternative that you’re happy with.

Whether you’re a large corporation or an individual, every solution is tailored to your budget and needs.

In fact, if we feel that we can meet and maybe even exceed your expectations using cheaper methods, we’ll advise you on this.

Lots of private investigator services charge extortionate amounts for fuel and expenses used while performing observations. This isn't something you have to worry about with us.

It’s unethical to throw up unexpected costs at the end of the investigation.

At 7 Operations, the price we agree on at the start of a case is exactly what you pay.